Joke of the day : A 70-year-Old Retired Military Officer Had One Hobby.


A 70-year-Old Retired Military officer had one Hobby….. He loved to Fish.

He was sitting in His Boat the other Day when He heard

A voice says, ‘Pick Me Up.’

He looked around and couldn’t see Anyone.

He thought He was Dreaming

When He heard the Voice say again,

”Pick me up. ‘

He looked in the Water and There…Floating on the top, was a Frog.

The Retd Officer said,

‘Are You talking to Me?’

The Frog said,

‘Yes, I’m talking to You. Pick Me up, then Kiss Me; and I’ll turn into the Most Beautiful Woman you have ever seen. I’ll make sure that all Your friends will be envious and jealous because I will be Your Bride!’

The Retired Officer looked at the Frog for a short time, reached over…..Picked it up Carefully and…….

Placed it in His Shirt Pocket.

The Frog said,

‘What, are you Nuts?

Didn’t You hear what I Said?’

I said, ‘Kiss me,

And I will be Your Beautiful Bride.’

He opened His Pocket,

Looked at the Frog and said,

‘Nah. I’d Rather like to have a Talking Frog

Than a Nagging Wife..

With Age Comes Wisdom & Experience

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