Joke of the day :A Very Tall Man Johnny Walks Into A Bar

A very tall man named Little Johnny walks into a bar and a lady recognizes him as a pro Rugby player.

They start to talk, and eventually go back to his place:

They start to kiss, and the man takes off his shirt.

On his arm, he has a tattoo that says REEBOK.

“What’s that for?” The lady questions.

“Oh, I have this so that when I’m on TV, people will see my tattoo and Reebok pays me.”

Then the man takes off his trousers and on his leg, he has a tattoo that says NIKE.

“What’s that?” The lady questions again.

“Just like the Reebok tattoo, I get paid when this tattoo is seen on TV.”

Then the man drops his underwear and on his d*ck he has a tattoo that says “AIDS”.

The lady screams:

“Don’t tell me you have AIDS!”

The JOhnny replies.

“No, no. Calm down. It will say ADIDAS in a minute!”

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