Joke of the day : Forgetful Old Drunk Man Joke


An elderly man is sitting alone at a bar. It starts to get late and the bartender says,

“Sorry pal, last call.”

Upon hearing this, the man pays his bill and turns to look at the door. As he begins to stand up, he suddenly falls and lands face first.

“I must have had more than I thought.” He thinks to himself.

Looking at the door he thinks “If I can just make it there, a bit of fresh air will have me good as new.”

So the old man crawls to the door and props himself up, he takes a breath and as he begins to step, he again falls flat on his face.

Luckily, he only lived a block from the bar.

“If I can just make it home, I’ll be just fine”

So the old man proceeds to crawl to his house. When he reaches the door, he again props himself up. As he is about to take a step, he once again falls flat on his face.

“This just isn’t my night,” thought the old man. “I’ll just crawl into bed and call it quits.”

So the old man crawls up the stairs and into his bed where he immediately passes out.

As morning comes, he is rudely awoken by his wife.

You were pissed last night?” She asked angrily.

“How’d you know?” He asks.

“Well’ she answered ‘you left your friggin wheelchair at the pub again

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